Dear College Student…

Welcome to college and welcome to adulthood. Sort of. Oh to trade places with you at this stage in life where, generally speaking, your biggest concern and your biggest source of anxiety is your school work. Oh to be at that place where naps are a regular occurrence, late night pizza is habitual, and the drama of high school is FINALLY behind you!

Can I just give you one piece of advice? Just one? Enjoy this moment. Soak it in. Every single minute. Because before you can even turn around good, these four or five years will be over. And hello adult responsibilities!

Ok! Can I just give you one more piece of advice? Just one more? Don’t be stupid! Seriously! Be wise. Enjoy this moment but be smart! Ladies, contrary to popular demand, you don’t have to find a husband at college. And young men, I know your brains are hard wired for sex, but there are so many other ways you can fill your time.

I know. I know. I may have just lost you there. But all the sex and all the porn in the world may meet a need temporarily, but it still won’t give you what you think you need. (Ladies, I’m actually speaking to you here too.)  Plus, what will your mother think?

So there you have it! Enjoy your college years and don’t be stupid. And hey! At Louisiana Tech there is actually an organization that addresses the issues that college students are dealing with but most churches are NOT talking about.  (I am only speaking in general terms here.)  Freedom13 LA Tech Student Group cares about YOU and cares about the decisions you make while you’re here at Louisiana Tech!

We would love for you to be apart – mainly because we are looking for students who are willing to discuss the difficult issues.  Freedom13 offers a safe place to talk about pornography, sex, divorce, adultery, homosexuality, etc and wants students to be willing to look at what God’s Word says about these issues and have a healthy discussion about these issues.

Our world has enough bickering in it.  It’s time to get real about the hard topics, but we can do that in a way that exudes kindness, compassion and love.  Freedom13 offers students a place just to do that very thing.  All you gotta do is look us up on Facebook and request to join our student group – Freedom13 LA Tech Student Group.  Once you are a member of our Facebook page you will receive announcements and notifications.

I am looking forward to meeting you all soon.  Go Dawgs!


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