Free Indeed

Free Indeed is about us as believers fulfilling God's will for our lives (becoming just like Him) as we walk our Faith Journey with Him from our first Christ encounter at conversion until we see Him face to face in eternity.

The issue with that is that we all eventually bump into our sins, our habits, our wounds, our hang-ups, our genetic programming, and our false beliefs about ourselves and God. These issues grow larger and after a while we realize we can't scale them, tunnel them, or go around them. They become barriers to what Christ wants to achieve in us, what He always has had in mind for us, and still has in mind for us when He created us and called us to be His own. We pray, we struggle, we try and try again. Ultimately, many of us give up on our Faith Journey or we just settle for mediocrity.

Free Indeed offers women’s workshops that give understanding into these frustrations that we've had most of our lives. The purpose of these workshops is to also give hope and deliverance from these barriers that keep us from moving on with Christ in our Faith Journey. Most importantly, the ministry of Free Indeed is to empower (for some of us FINALLY and AT LAST), to help overcome the wall, and go free into the destiny of God's call on our lives.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. -John 8:36