Made For More

Our Made For More ministry is two-fold. First, God has given our children a unique purpose and calling and it looks different for each and every one of them. It is our job as their parents to help them identify their God-given gifts and talents, AND it is also our job to help them find ways to use their gifts and talents as a way to honor God with their lives starting NOW. If that is a foreign concept to us as parents, we must first look inward at our own lives before we can teach our own children the importance of self-worth and that they were Made For More. We, as parents, were also Made For More. Our Made For More ministry offers Praise Camps that encourage children to explore the talents God has given them while having fun and worshipping God.

Secondly, our Made For More ministry educates parents and students on the danger and reality of technology and social media. Parents need to be well equipped before placing a device in the hands of their children. Made For More offers workshops and classes to parents and children with an emphasis on protecting and preventing as we all navigate through this incredibly sex-saturated culture.