Purchased: Not For Sale NELA

The sex industry is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry. It affects every city, every town and every corner of the world. The sex industry, defined, is any business that either directly or indirectly provides sex-related products and services or adult entertainment. In practice, it is the buying and selling of sex or sexual activity through strip clubs, online escort businesses and websites, street prostitution and forced sexual slavery, otherwise known as sex trafficking. Through the sex industry, people become products. Women become a commodity and children become a means to a financial end. God did not create anyone to be sold. No one on earth was designed to be bought and traded for sex. Purchased believes that it must be stopped. We are fighting to see an end in our city.

Purchased: Not for Sale understands the world of the sex-industry and its deep effects on the women and children trapped in it. Purchased exists to connect the women and children we serve to rescue, relationships, resources and recovery, all things necessary to break free from the bondage they are in and live the life God created them to live. Through Purchased: Not for Sale, women and children can find freedom, full restoration, joy, self-sufficiency, independence and worth.