Freedom13 is on a mission to rebuild dignity in the lives of those we serve.

Jesus Christ is the reason for which Freedom13 Ministries exists. Its mission and purpose represent the heart of God. Freedom13’s curriculum is based on the Word of God, follows the commands of God, and the teachings of Jesus Christ as outlined for anyone and all to read in the Bible. Who Jesus is, His life, death and resurrection and the way He lived His life, serving and loving the poor, outcast, orphan and stranger serve as the lifeblood of Freedom13.  At Freedom13, we believe the best way to change our community is to be like Jesus in every way – to live the way He did, serve the way He served, and give our lives to the work of God’s kingdom.


At Freedom13, we believe the Bible calls us to fight for justice in the lives of the poor, the outcast, or anyone else God may choose to put in our path. So what is justice? True justice exists when an individual is completely free to be exactly who God created him or her to be – free from bondage and captivity, free from oppression, free from mistreatment and free from prejudice. At Freedom13, we are called to stand between the oppressed and the oppressor, making sure they have the chance to live the life God created them to live.


At Freedom13, we believe rebuilding dignity, value and worth in the lives of those we serve is essential in total restoration. Freedom13 and Purchased: Not for Sale function as earning and participation based ministries, teaching the value of earning and giving a platform for individuals to learn how to participate in their changing lives. We believe that every person is created with abilities, skills, talents and the innate desire to create and participate in life. Freedom13 is committed to seeing those we serve become exactly who they are meant to become.


When God restores a person, He gives him/her back more than he/she lost and restores him/her to a better state than when He found him/her. The restoration of God is not merely physical, but impacts every part of who we are. Restoration returns someone’s freedom, his/her future, his/her destiny and gives the things necessary to become who God created him/her to be. Restoration puts a life back together physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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